What does this app do?

GrammarQuery is a web app that translates your spoken words to written text and gives you personalized feedback for any grammatical errors you've made in your speech to review and improve!

Why should I use this app?

When you speak proper grammar, people will be able to understand you clearly and thoroughly. In addition, they are more likely to see you as sophisticated and intelligent. On the other end of the spectrum, poor grammar can lead to less job offers and miscommunication. GrammarQuery solves htis problem by helping anyone achieve proper grammar through our simple to use app.

GrammarQuery will help you to:

Who should use this app?

Non native english speakers who are motivated to learn english language sould definitely use this website. GrammarQuery can be very helpful for International students or esl students in improving their linguistic skills. Children who want to improve their grammar skills can also use this website.